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Re-Invent Your Agency Now!

Everybody’s talking about a new agency model. But talking doesn’t help when you have an agency to run now. Nobody has any time left to wait for the big, definitive answer. Because the spiral of resentment about costs, time and creativity between clients and agencies keeps turning every day. All the while, media and target groups keep splitting up into ever smaller and less manageable segments. And the web reliably keeps turning the way we live and work on its head every few months.

There’s no shortage of recipes and remedies. Some keep trying to domesticate a swarm of undisciplined disciplines under the title of “integrated communications agency”. Others cling to their last remaining “old school clients” and let others go ahead into the mist. And almost everyone squeezes on the cost side of their business until it hurts, and then more.

What Needs to be Done? What Needs to be Done!

The recipes and remedies discussed in the industry are like spring diets: they sound nice and easy but never work for you. Here’s the bitter truth: Every agency is on its own to find its way into the future. Only historians and liquidators will tell us some day what worked and what didn’t.

The important thing is to try. To stop whitewashing the facts, to overcome the stupor, and to quit the nostalghia for the good old days. And then to reach, not for the stars but for paper, pencil and a calculator.

And What Can Lokomotive Do for You?

We help agencies re-invent themselves.

Sure you could do it yourself. After all, creativity is your business. So what’s the added value of hiring us?

For some, it’s our ruthless honesty. We have no illusions about your business, and we don’t factor hope or luck in our equation when extrapolating your future.

For some, it’s the width of our horizon. With 20 years of experience in the European agency scene and on both sides of the client-agency-relationship, we may have seen a few more problems and a few more solutions than the average guy. (Check out our references here)

For some, it’s our independence. We don’t have a snake oil to sell and we’re not afraid to re-invent the wheel every time. Every agency is different, and that should still be true after our work is done. That’s why we listen first, and keep listening all through the project. Our solutions are not clever words on paper, written in the safety of our office. We develop and constantly reality-test them in the place and with the people for whom they have to work.

But most importantly, we are practical. Though we don’t like the word “pragmatism” because it defamates the act of thinking (like, about the future), in the positive sense, we’re just that. Change happens in small steps. Our habits are always two steps behind our thinking. That’s why we start from the level of actions, not from the level of visions, missions, or business models.

How to Begin?

1. Keynote: The no-frills starting point if you don’t feel the pain, yet, but want to know what might be coming. We come, speak to the audience of your choosing, stay for questions and discussions, and are gone again. Afterwards, you’re equipped to think about your future as long as you want. The price is: € 2.000 plus travel.

Look at a current slide deck at the bottom of this page. If you brief us shortly about the nature of your business and the current situation of your agency, we can tailor our presentation to your needs, bring along first suggestions, and leave at home what isn’t relevant to your case. The price for an individual presentation is: € 3.000 plus travel and expenses.

2. Workshop: Dedicate one day to the future of your business. After an in-depth briefing we design a workshop based on our proven format to maximise the relevance of our output for you. In just 8 hours, we will move from ruthless analysis of today to bright vision of tomorrow to the pleasure and pains of getting from here to there. The price for preparation, moderation, and documentation of a one-day workshop is: € 5.000 plus travel and expenses.

3. Innovation Consulting: We love to advise and guide you on your way to the future. Our consulting services will be factored based on our daily rate of: € 1.600. Developing a project proposal will require a personal briefing and a visit to your offices, for which we will charge one man-day.

All prices are excluding VAT.

And here is our current slide deck at


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  3. Slide 5: “Loose” is incorrect; correct word is “lose”. Other than that, thought-provoking! Thanks!!

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