Social Brand

Lokomotive’s mission is to bring social life to brands.

Too long have we branding pros psychologized about brands and ignored the fact that brands exist and have meaning in the social space. That people relate to and communicate with others through what they consume, wear, drive.

The issue becomes more pressing with the shift of a large slice of people’s disposable attention towards social media. In this space, brands still haven’t found an appropriate way of living for themselves.

But a better web site, a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter followers can only do half the job, at best. The social life of most brands plays primarily in the physical world.

Our header image illustrates a lot of what we’re talking about. The PC versus Mac war is more than a rivalry of products. Everybody knows that. It is also more than a competition of who better understands what the consumer needs and better reflects these insights in their advertising. Which is the “silver bullet” psychology on which most of current brand strategies are built.

And it is even more than a contest of bumper stickers between “Generation Alpha” and “Generation Beta”, or whichever label marketing coins for its 2-dimensional views of the population. Brands are “social sculptures” about which different people have different opinions; but they have one thing in common: that the brand means something to them. Marketers who try to stifle the debate and to force an unambiguous understanding of their brand on their customers run the risk of cutting it off from its power source.

Lokomotive’s branding services are designed for the creation of Social Sculptures, not for casting Silver Bullets.

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