What starts me blogging more

My self portrait with pencilI haven’t been blogging very frequently in the past, and only longer pieces which were mostly written in a local software. One of the reasons for that was my discomfort with the WordPress editor, particularly the pains of linking and inserting images. And even more the inconveniences of its mobile siblings on the iPhone and even the iPad, because I like to write in places like cafés and restaurants, trains and on park benches.
Now I have found a tool that works so easily for me that I expect to do much more and more casual blogging, with richer linking and more images.
The tool is called Blogsy and it’s an iPad app. It allows to assign links by just dragging them from a built-in browser into the text. Web images are copied in the same way. And Blogsy connects with my Flickr, Picasa and YouTube accounts and allows to copy photos and videos from those sources just as easily.
The app connects with WordPress (including self-hosted) and Blogger. It costs 3.99 Euros in the App Store, a fair deal for what it does for me. Here’s the demo video:

Update: didn’t work out.

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