Yes, I Love the New Deutsche Telekom Ad

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After pouring a lot of criticism over Deutsche Telekom here, I now have the opportunity to praise. I love this brilliant ad:

This is simply the best campaign you can run for a telco, here and now.

You may think that Paul Potts is cheesy and his talent doubtful. I agree. But it doesn’t matter at all. Because the idea of the surprise “moments worth sharing” effectively brings home the point that many other telcos only plumply claim: life is for sharing and we give you the means to do it.

Just compare with Vodafone’s hapless “Generation Upload” campaign which they launched in Germany this summer and see how what looks like weaknesses in the DT campaign turns into strengths in the social web paradigm. Watch another example before I go into these strengths for those who are interested:

What DT is, courageously, doing here is abandon a lot of old advertising “musts”:

  • The clever, “creative” idea
  • The Hollywood-level production values
  • The TV spot at the top of the media food-chain
  • The “learning curve” media plan
  • The product as hero
  • The call to action

Instead, what we see is:

  • An idea that is both simple and robust to be told and re-told and surprising enough to be shared
    (I call this kind of idea “social sculpture” in contrast to the “silver bullets” of the old advertising paradigm and have written more about the topic here)
  • Footage made from the perspective and with the technical means of those who were there
  • The whole thing actually started with the event, TV only amplifies the wave of sharing
  • One exposure is sufficient to get the audience involved or not; repeat exposures won’t add much to that effect
  • Products, prices and promotions is what people google, now; on TV, where people watch to be entertained, commercials that annoy with pricetags, side-by-side laundry demos or talking toilets just don’t have any excuse anymore.

Honest congrats, my dear Deutsche Telekom, for this step ahead. I know what a big leap this is for an organization like yours.



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