To Hell with Flash!

Flash is the antithesis of all achievements of the web: transparency, dialogue, participation. A dinosaur of the internet-as-medium metaphor. And therefore, a dead man walking.
The last proof I needed came with the new Deutsche Telekom sustainability campaign website (I commented on the campaign here).

Unintentional opacity comes with the pursuit of creative control that Flash promises. It’s not bad intent, just professional myopia on the side of marketing people who love the idea of creative control and still value it higher than … see first sentence. Things would change faster if we took the instrument out of their hands and mass-uninstalled our Flash players.

But unfortunately Flash is also the universal tool for embedding media and essential for many of the web’s most popular destinations like YouTube or Slideshare. It’s not without alternatives for this purpose (after all, you can watch YouTube on the iPhone that doesn’t support Flash), only the current standard. Which means Flash will be around for a while. But the facts that it is proprietary and also hugely oversized just for the media playing task mean that it’s destined to fade. Which is good for … (repeat refrain).

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