The ignored social side of brands

No brainscan pleaseMarketing research today is totally obsessed with the individual. And things don’t get any better with trends like neuro-marketing that promises even deeper and more hard-fact based dives into consumer’s psychology.
What we forget is that many, and not only high-involvement, high-price purchase decisions are a matter of negotiation and agreement between 2 or more individuals.
The ‘Social Brand’ is something that I’m planning to look into together with ad agency Wangenrot ( who are specialized in targeting families, and a scientific partner still to be found. Our goal is to come out with a better understanding of the buying dynamics in families, and a few innovative methodologies for market research to add the social layer to marketers understanding of their brands.
Dear readers, any hints at empirical methods for analysing interpersonal relationships, network dynamics and social systems are very warmly welcome!

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